How Do I Stay Healthy This Fall?

Everyone has a cold. Most of you, your children and/or your colleagues, friends and family are all back to school, activities, or work and daycare full-time. Germs are flying. You may notice you have less energy as the days get shorter, and your stress levels are starting to build.

How do you keep yourself healthy as the days get shorter and the cold weather begins? First, it’s helpful to remember the powerful connection between the mind and body. Stress has been shown in many studies to have a negative impact on your physical health. The translation: our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and even attitudes can have a positive OR negative impact on our overall health and biology!

Here are some ways to handle stress to help take care of your physical (and mental!) health this Fall:

  • Take some time to write down what gives you the most stress. It’s important to notice what it is that triggers your stress, be it your job, caregiving or a certain relationship.
  • Take a break from being “On,” whether that’s going 110% at work or as a caregiver. Think about rebooting like we do to our computers! Taking a break may include:


Meditation: it has been shown to change our brains and reduce stress

hormones. Please find some meditation tips for beginners the first link below.

Exercise: it creates endorphins can mimic the effects of an anti-depressant!

Healthy Sleep: Sleep has been shown to boost your health and productivity.


BPAR wishes a Happy, and Healthy Fall to All!


Written by KC Craig, LICSW

Boston Post Adoption Resources

About KC Craig, LICSW

KC Craig, LICSW, is a clinician at Boston Post Adoption Resources. To read her bio, please visit BPAR's Team page.