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BPAR's Mission and Approach

Boston Post Adoption Resources, also known as BPAR, is a nonprofit organization that was founded to support all individuals and families who are touched by adoption. We understand the challenges and impact that adoption can have on relationships, family dynamics, and identity. Our team of licensed mental health professionals is specifically trained to deal with post adoption challenges with clients of all ages in individual, family and group settings. We recognize that every situation is different, and our goal is to provide support to you and your family on your lifelong journey through adoption.

The BPAR mission:

Since 2012, BPAR has provided specialized trauma-informed individual and group therapeutic care and culturally sensitive support. We connect people to post adoption resources and educate the public about the impacts of adoption. Through our services, BPAR invites those touched by adoption to join our community in an environment that encourages lifelong healing.

Providing Specialized Trauma-Informed Therapeutic SUPPORT

At BPAR, we've nurtured a team of adoption competent clinicians with special training to recognize challenges that may have a connection to the adoption experience. In other words, when we work with you or your family, we are able to look through an adoption lens. Our view allows us to open up a path to healing that is often otherwise overlooked or misunderstood. We have broad experience that includes transracial, international and domestic adoption, foster care, and support for all members of the adoption triad: the adoptee, adoptive or foster parents, and birth parents. We begin working with clients as young as age 5 all the way past retirement.

A Note from BPAR Founder Jennifer Eckert, LICSW:

"As an adult adoptee myself, it was important to me to create a space where people touched by adoption could come and be listened to and understood. This vision came true in June of 2012. Boston Post Adoption Resources is here to support those facing challenges or having questions around adoption. Adoption is complex. Each individual’s story is unique and intricate. There are many moving parts and similar to life, always changing. We offer different ways of connecting with others to tell your story."

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CONNECTING You to Resources

In addition to the clinical work we do every day in our Brookline, Massachusetts office, we create and collect resources you can view anytime, anywhere, such as:

The BPAR Blog
Our parenting book, Adoption Is a Lifelong Journey
Our journal, Voices Unheard: A Reflective Journal for Adult Adoptees
Our downloadble ebook, Voices in Transracial Adoption
An Adoption Stories series
Lists of adoption-related books, movies & more
Our Facebook Page
Professional resources

We've developed a comprehensive Post Adoption Resources Center and a Professional Resources page and are committed to continually updating those areas with new research and suggestions. Please join the BPAR mailing list so we can notify you when we post new information.

EDUCATING the Public About the Impact of Adoption

The adoption experience does not end with placement. We strive to eliminate misperceptions, build sensitivity, and normalize the joys and challenges that can occur at any age. So often, our clients are surprised to realize they are not alone!

Few people know that lifetime post adoption support even exists, and in fact, what we're doing here at BPAR is special. As part of our nonprofit commitment, we have developed platforms for spreading the word, including our blog, social media, speaking engagements, and publicity. We share some of these efforts in our Media Room.

"A lot of therapists don’t really know what it’s like to be adopted or they may not see a lot of kids that are adopted. BPAR specializes in adoption issues and their therapists truly understand how to help me connect with my daughter."


Assessing Your Needs

BPAR offers a free initial phone consultation (*please see note below) to assess your needs. As part of our nonprofit mission, we aim to assist everyone who reaches out to us for adoption-related support in order to connect you to appropriate resources. Please use our Consultation Request Form to reach out to us.

*Unfortunately our waiting list for individual, family and couples therapy is closed, and we are not adding to it at this time. However, if you would like an initial consultation we are happy to speak with you to provide resources. We also have several support groups that remain open.

Looking for Answers

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