Setting Healthy Goals for Yourself

Our culture can encourage resolutions that are often lofty and unattainable.  This can result in people feeling bad about themselves if they don’t meet an unrealistic goal. BPAR’s clinicians have some tips for setting healthy goals.

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How Forgiveness Promotes Healing


Many in the adoption constellation bear pain due to feelings of loss, abandonment and rejection. Forgiveness promotes healing, but how do we forgive? And for some, why? Here we examine the value of forgiveness, discuss the phases of forgiving, and share resources for putting forgiveness into practice.

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DNA Testing – What to Think About Before You Do a Test

DNA testing and adoption search

The recent popularity of DNA testing creates opportunities for forging connections and uncovering information, but also presents complexities and challenges you might not expect. To help prepare you for DNA testing journey, BPAR’s therapists share what we’ve learned.

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