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At Boston Post Adoption Resources, we understand the unique challenges that you and your child may face as an adoptive or foster family. We recognize that every family’s needs are varied and complex, and the adoption journey continues throughout all the developmental stages of life.


BPAR offers a safe place for your child to explore his or her feelings and adoption story.
(Charlie & his mom from our book)

Our goal is to provide a safe place for your family members and loved ones to negotiate the many-layered, sometimes confusing and often wonderful journey that you have embarked upon. We meet with clients in individual, couples, family and group settings.

In your initial consultation with an adoption competent clinician, we will assess the best treatment plan. BPAR offers a safe place for your child to explore his or her feelings and adoption story.  Often in your hectic everyday lives, you may find it challenging to find a time to connect with your child or family, and BPAR can provide specialized parenting support or family therapy in order to create a space for connection and communication. Below you will find information on how we may be able to support your child or your family with our specialized post adoption services, as well as other resources that you might find useful.

What clinical services does BPAR offer and how can families benefit?

Individual Therapy:  We see children as young as 5 years old for individual therapy. Our approach is strength-based and individualized based on the needs of you or your child. We also see parents for individual support, couples support, and parenting support.

Family Therapy: Our family therapy model consists of meeting with entire families. We can provide space to build communication and strengthen your family relationships.

Children & Parenting Peer Support Groups: We provide peer support groups for children in different age ranges and offer parenting groups for parents at concurring times.

Search & Reunion Support: If your child or teen feels ready, we can support the birth family search process in a safe and contained way. We also provide recommendations and help prepare your family as you make plans for a reunion.

A special book for you and your child:

Adoption Is a Lifelong Journey

Whether you are considering adopting, are an adoptive family, or are touched by adoption in some way, BPAR's book, Adoption Is a Lifelong Journey, will be a great tool to help you navigate this exciting but complex journey.

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