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We understand the pain and loss that birth parents may feel and can help guide you toward a healthy and productive life.

Boston Post Adoption Resources understands that all members of the adoption constellation experience feelings of loss and isolation, especially birth parents. As a birth parent, you may have experienced years of silence and worry, and felt as if you have no one to talk to. BPAR can provide a safe and accepting space for you to explore these feelings that may include unresolved grief, isolation and shame, and guide you toward living a healthy and productive life. Our team has years of experience working with all members of the adoption constellation, and we can understand and support the many complex emotions and challenges that may arise.

What clinical services does BPAR offer and how can birth mothers & birth fathers benefit?

Individual Therapy:  Our clinicians at BPAR are adoption competent and will take time to hear your story and meet your needs.

Family Therapy: Our family therapy model consists of meeting with entire families. We can provide space to build communication and strengthen your family relationships.

Search & Reunion Support: If you are in reunion or planning to be, we can help you navigate the process and support you during this emotional journey.

Our Blog Can Help in Many Ways

You'll discover the BPAR Blog offers resources and support for birth parents.

Sample:  A Special Song for Birth Parents

Folk singer Jonathan Edwards wrote “One Day Closer,” a song about his reunion with his daughter Brenda. Read the story behind this powerful song and listen to Jonathan and Brenda singing together.

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Other Websites for Birth Parents
Concerned United Birthparents, Inc.

Other Helpful Links for Birth Parents
Lifelong Issues in Adoption, by Deborah N. Silverstein and Sharon Kaplan

Visit BPAR's Post Adoption Resources Center to see all the resources we offer.

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