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Post Adoption Resources Center

BPAR was founded to CONNECT individuals and families to resources to help everyone in the adoption constellation feel understood, supported, and to know what to expect.

In addition to the important work we do every day as clinicians in our Brookline office, we collect (and create!) resources to share. BPAR also devotes time to nurturing our professional network. These efforts allow us to increase our impact as a nonprofit.

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Clinical Resources at BPAR

Our clinicians are specially trained in the areas of post adoption, foster care, international adoption, and interracial adoption.

Individual Therapy

One-on-one therapy addresses your needs and goals, gently guiding you to finding the answers you need to lead a meaningful and healthy life.

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Family Therapy

We bring adoptive and foster families together to work on the challenges they face, facilitating change, growth, and understanding for all members.

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Support Groups

We organize groups for all ages, each offering support and unity in an accepting environment with others who have been through similar experiences.

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Search Support

For adult adoptees, birth mothers, teens and children who express interest in a search, we help you manage feelings, expectations and boundaries in this emotional process.

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Birth Family Reunions

We help you plan a reunion that is contained, safe, and as predictable as possible, and then support you in navigating the pacing of potential new relationships.

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Our Own Post Adoption Tools

At BPAR, we are passionate about combining our clinical experience, artistic training and writing abilities to create new tools.
This is an important part of our nonprofit mission.

Our Journal: Voices Unheard

Adult adoptees, professionals, and peer group leaders can use this 52-week journal's prompts based on core themes arising in adoption therapy.

Our Book: Adoption Is a Lifelong Journey

Meet Charlie, the narrator of our illustrated book, a tool to strengthen family communication and understanding.

The BPAR Blog

The BPAR team and Guest Bloggers examine topics related to mental health, parenting, family bonding, and more, all viewed through the adoption lens.

Quarterly Corner Newsletter

Our therapists invite you to sample the resources we're discussing in staff meetings, using for our own personal development, and recommending to our clients.

Adoption Stories

Adoptees, birth parents and adoptive families generously share their reflections in this growing collection of real-life stories that are sure to resonate and promote understanding.

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Resources for All Touched by Adoption

If you are seeking answers, we have collected or created a variety of resources to guide you wherever you are on your journey.

Books, Movies, Videos and Other Helpful Links

Look through our in-depth reviews and lists to find outside adoption-related resources for you or your family.

Social Media Connections

Professional Resources

As adoption-competent therapists, the BPAR team strives to strengthen the understanding of adoption-related challenges throughout the mental healthcare community and in social work graduate programs, schools, and other organizations that interact with adoptive and foster families.

Clinical Consultations

BPAR offers clinical consultations to professionals seeking input from our team of post adoption specialists.

Presentations and Speaking

Our clinicians make presentations at adoption and infertility conferences,  speak at public events, and provide an adoption-related perspective to the press.


If you are a professional who's interested in joining our referral list, let's discuss how we might serve as resources for one another.

Seeking Post Adoption Resources

Are you an individual or agency that works in the adoption community? Let's connect! Call or email BPAR today so we can add you to our resource list!

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