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Voices Unheard a Reflective Journal for Adult Adoptees

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Our Journal for Adult Adoptees:

Voices Unheard:
A Reflective Journal for Adult Adoptees

Our Book for Parents/Caregivers:

Adoption Is a Lifelong Journey

At Boston Post Adoption Resources, we understand the challenges and impact that adoption can have on relationships, family dynamics, and identity. No matter what your adoption related question or concern is, you do not have to figure it out alone!

The BPAR mission is to:


Provide specialized therapeutic support


Connect individuals, families & professionals to resources


Educate the public about post adoption services

... to ensure that all those touched by adoption lead healthy, productive lives.

BPAR's Clinical Services

Our adoption competent clinicians offer many types of support:

Individual Therapy

Clients throughout
their lifespan

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Family Therapy

Adoptive and
foster families

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Peer Support Groups

Adoptee peers,
parenting groups

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Search Support

Birth family search
& hosted reunions

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Contact us to decide what's right for you or your family.

At BPAR we are committed to the safety of our clients.
We are continuing to provide the majority of our services through telehealth
as long as state and federal regulations recommend this as a best practice.

In the future, when we do offer in-person therapy, we will do it in a way that is as safe as possible.
Our clinicians will discuss opportunities for in-person services when available.

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How to Publish a Guided Journal – a Look Behind the Scenes


What’s involved with writing and publishing a book for adoptees? The following interview takes us behind the scenes at Boston Post Adoption Resources (BPAR), to learn how the author and this nonprofit developed the idea, design, and publishing plans for Voices Unheard: A Reflective Journal for Adult Adoptees, now on sale in paperback and ebook editions.

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Lack of Control and Feeling Stuck

By KC Craig, LICSW

We feel despair and hopelessness when we lose control of our lives, and this often leads to “feeling stuck.” Here’s how we can feel more confident and less stuck.

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Adoption-Competent Therapy — What It Is, Why It Matters, and How to Find It

By Brittany Purrington

Adoption is a word that holds so much under the surface for adoptees, birth parents, and adoptive parents (the triad) including grief, attachment, trauma, and questions of culture and identity…

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Film Review: Reckoning with the Primal Wound

By Elena Li

Reckoning with the Primal Wound, a documentary, asks us to understand relinquishment trauma. The child and birth mother’s separation is a profound loss that needs to be acknowledged, seen, supported, and cared for.

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Through Every Season — Parenting with Melodies

By Guest Writer

For adoptive parent and songwriter Lissa, memories, stories, and emotions get woven into melodies as she navigates parenting a child with a history of trauma. Learn how she uses songwriting for both communicating and healing.

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Adoption In the Media: The Unseen, Unrecognized Struggle of JuJu in “The Chair” TV Series

By Marta Isabella Sierra, LMHC

As an adult adoptee, Marta watched the Netflix series “The Chair” through the eyes of JuJu, the lead’s daughter. “My heart felt rage, grief and deep isolation. I see a child so completely alone in her trauma and loss that she has had to abandon her own narrative.

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Beyond the GOAT — Celebrating Simone Biles

By Maya Rogers-Bursen, LMHC, Expressive Therapist

Simone Biles has laid an incredible foundation for women’s gymnastics, but she made an even bigger impact on humanity when she opened the world to conversations about adoption and mental health for elite athletes.

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BPAR Is Grateful for Client Feedback!

"Your extensive list of answers actually brought me to tears.
Until now I have felt alone and unsupported."

—SS, adult adoptee

"I always leave a session with a new thought or perspective.
BPAR nudges me to better myself and to be a better parent."

—Megan C, foster adoptive parent

"BPAR specializes in adoption issues,
and their therapists truly understand how to help me connect with my daughter."

—Ericka, adoptive parent

"I think it’s about the really thoughtful approach that you take.
Steadfast, honest, clear-sighted, intentional, thoughtful advice helps my own development."

—Dan, foster parent

"I need help understanding that part of me so I can get over that hump in life.
You guys opened a path for me. So now I’m just walking down it."

—An adult transracial adoptee

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