Family Therapy at BPAR

At Boston Post Adoption Resources, we bring families together to work on the challenges they face to facilitate change, growth, and understanding for all members. We are culturally competent and are sensitive to the dynamics and experiences of transracial adoptions both domestically and internationally.

We work with families formed through:

Adoption (domestic, international, kinship, transracial, gay or lesbian, single parent)



Reproductive Technologies


What we can help your family cope with:

Limit setting


Managing triggers and reactions

Navigating birth family searches and relationships

Sibling relationships

Parent-child relationships

Adolescent and child development

Developmental stages of adoption

How to talk to your kids about their adoption

How to help your kids talk about their adoption

A few words from BPAR families...

"We turned to BPAR because my daughter and I were trying to get closer to each other and it was hard. We couldn’t really connect as much as we wanted, or cuddle or really understand each other. Our therapy has helped us do that and brought our family together."


"When I first walked into my therapist’s office, I saw the book White Fragility on her desk and I felt a sigh of relief, thinking, “Yes, she gets it.” Being a single parent and being able to sit and talk for a full hour a week about my son is a Gift. I like how BPAR gives me constructive info, articles, and resources. I always leave a session with a new thought or perspective. BPAR nudges me to better myself and to be a better parent."


"I thought maybe we should get some supports in place for when that adolescent time comes, and I was SO glad we did."


"To think about the things, the imagination an adopted kid might have, has made me feel a lot better."


"What makes a family is neither the absence of tragedy nor the ability to hide from misfortune, but the courage to overcome it and, from that broken past, write a new beginning."


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