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Transracial Adoption

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Ebook: Voices in Transracial Adoption: Insights from Adoptees, Parents & Professionals

Source: Boston Post Adoption Resources (2021)

Cost: FREE

Primary audience: Current and prospective adoptive or foster parents & caregivers who are considering transracial adoption or have already built a family where the child adoptee’s race or ethnic group differs from that of the adoptive parents

Average time to complete: 60 minutes

Purpose: This introduction to topics important for parenting a transracial adoptee, illustrated by first-hand accounts of the TRA experience from over 26 adoptees or adoptive parents, spotlights the value of listening to unique voices on the path to building empathy and access to resources.

Description: In Voices In Transracial Adoption: Insights from Adoptees, Parents, and Professionals, more than twenty-six adoptees or adoptive parents share their experiences with the joys and challenges of transracial adoption. This book for prospective or current adoptive parents integrates those voices with clinical knowledge from the Boston Post Adoption Resources team and secondary resources. It's meant to serve as an introduction for adoptive families with a child whose race or ethnic group differs from the parents'. The concepts of race, racism, racial identity, diversity, equity, and inclusion are incredibly complex and require and deserve a comprehensive process of further education, exploration, and action.


Foreword: A Note to Parents on the Purpose of this Resource

Intro: A Parent’s Introduction to Transracial Adoption

Ch 1: History of Transracial Adoption in the United States

Ch 2: Connecting Children with Their Racial Identity

Ch 3: How to Talk About Racial Identity and Give Adoptees a Voice

Ch 4: How We Can Help Children Process Current Events Around Race

Ch 5: Why Parents Should Study and Directly Address Race, Racism and White Privilege

Ch 6: How Parents Can Help with Micro- and Macroaggressions

Ch 7: Understanding an Adoptee’s Thoughts About Birth Family

Ch 8: How Support Through Adoption-Competent Therapy Can Help

Conclusion: Conversations and Stories Can Educate and Heal

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