Sharing LGBTQ Resources with Pride

lgbtq pride

In honor of PRIDE month, we wanted to highlight some important resources to support LGBTQIA individuals and families in the post-adoption community. We want everyone in the adoption constellation to feel safe and valued, and to be able to live healthy, productive lives.

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Adoption Competent Therapy

Therapists trained in adoption competency address the specific needs of adoptive families. A guest writer discusses adoption competent therapy as a way to promote a positive self-image and sense of security in children as part of a strong family.

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Big Feelings – A Parenting Guide to Understanding the Emotions Behind Behavior

big feelings

Tantrums. Meltdowns. Tears. It might look like your child is throwing a toy, but what could that behavior be communicating to you? Often, children who have been adopted or experienced time in foster care face additional challenges in managing their emotions. Learn how to respond in moments of distress and support them as they learn the skills necessary for self-regulation.

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