Post Adoption Support Group and Workshop Form

post adoption support groups from BPAR

BPAR offers a variety of post adoption support groups and nontherapeutic workshops for adoptees of all ages, adoptive parents, partners of adoptees, and birth parents.

Please use this form to express interest in any groups you or your child might like to attend. Once we receive your form, we will contact you to help match you to the group that's the best fit. Feel free to call us at 617-418-6163 if you have questions.

Due to licensing regulations, our clinicians can only work with people who live in Massachusetts. (Workshops are non-therapeutic and are open to anyone in the U.S.) If you do not live in Masschusetts and would still like to speak with us about other post adoption resources that might be helpful, we are still happy to connect with you as part of our nonprofit mission.

Child Adoptee and Parent Support Groups

We will need this information if you are interested in a child or parent support group.

Adult Adoptee Support Groups

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