Movie Review Update: Closure


closure documentaryClosure. There is no other word most fitting for the title of this adult adoptee documentary. This film chronicles the search process and multiple family reunions for transracial adult adoptee, Angela Tucker. Before her search began, Tucker was recently married, and like most adoptees, this emotional and life-changing event triggered a noticeable change within Angela as an adoptee.

Filmed by her husband, this unique documentary of an adoptee searching for her roots does not solely follow the feelings and points of view of Tucker, but includes her adoptive family members. There are interviews of Tucker’s adoptive family members, Angela’s husband, her brother-in-law, and even her foster mother. Including these separate perspectives showed growth, true empathy, understanding, and most of all love.

The film introduces several disappointing moments, but overall it was a heartfelt and very positive experience. The outcome was truly magnificent and embodies the needs, wants, and desires that any adoptee dreams of. Tucker’s search and reunion journey begins where she feels a disconnect from her biological family, but with hope, support, and true grit, Tucker is able to see her efforts come full circle, allowing closure.

Written by Stephanie Chin, Clinical Intern
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