Five Ways to Welcome Spring

springSpring is upon us!  Even though here in Boston we had some snow this week, spring is in the air.  Spring can bring a sense of renewal, beginnings, and new growth.  At BPAR we came up with some ways to welcome the new season.

  1. Go Outside – Find time to step outside and connect with the natural world.  This does not have to be a grand retreat to a glamorous or quiet location.  Rather, step outside and find peace in your everyday environment.  Surrounded by concrete and buildings?  Look up.  What do you see?
  1. Set Goals and Try Something New – Spring often brings with it new opportunities to explore.  Be willing to be a beginner and try something new.  Goal setting is a great way to hold yourself accountable if trying new things is challenging for you.
  1. Make Space – Set aside time to clean your personal space.  Often times, when our physical environment is cluttered, our mind is cluttered.  Clearing up your personal space can help you think clearly and can spark creativity in unexpected ways.
  1. Stretch – We’ve just been through a season that is meant for bundling up and hibernating.  With spring’s arrival, it is important to get into our bodies and move!  Reach the arms overhead, roll through your spine, and do whatever feels good.  Your body will thank you.
  1. Reach Out – The days are getting longer, offering us more time to connect with those we care about.  All around us nature is interacting with others, reminding us to make time for loved ones.  Grab a coffee or tea with someone who you haven’t seen in a while.  Reach out and go for a walk with someone, taking time to notice the changes spring brings.

Written by Katie McCarthy
Boston Post Adoption Resources

About Katie Gorczyca, MA, Expressive Therapist

Katie Gorczyca, MA, Expressive Therapist, is a former clinician at Boston Post Adoption Resources. She began her career with BPAR as an intern.