Self-Care: Bringing it back to the basics

self care In our work as therapists we talk a lot about self-care. Many of our blogs discuss this topic, providing suggestions of all sorts of activities one can do to take care – reading a good book, going for a walk, gratitude journals, getting a massage. While these recommendations are helpful they don’t touch upon the most fundamental and important pieces of self-care. In order to be your best self, we recommend focusing on these 5 self-care routines to the best of your ability:

1. Get More Sleep: This one can be tough – especially if you have children. If that’s the case try and be creative where you can. Try to sneak in a 10-minute nap here and there or rest while your child is resting. Alcohol can be disruptive to your sleep so limit your intake.

2. Take Showers Regularly: Taking a shower can make a world of a difference in your day. By physically cleansing your body you are physically caring for yourself. Feeling dirty can really impact your mood and energy, increase negative thoughts about yourself and make you lost motivation.

3. Eat Healthy Foods: When was the last time you had a fruit or vegetable? How are you nourishing your body? When you eat junk food, processed food or fast food on a regular basis it makes you feel bloated, tired, and often starts to negatively impact your mood and thoughts. Your meals don’t always have to be perfectly balanced but if you can start to be mindful about what you put into your body you might start to notice some of the positive benefits of doing so.

4. Drink More Water: Our bodies are mostly water. We need to drink a lot to keep everything operating, as it should. When we are dehydrated we can get headaches, feel hungry, and feel tired. If you don’t like the taste of water then try and mix it up by putting some different flavors in your next glass! A splash of lemon, some mint, or even cucumber makes for a delicious, refreshing drink.

5. Move Your Body: This does not have to be intense! Exercise is so important for your body and your mind. If you are at a desk all day remember to take 5 minutes every hour to either get up and walk around or do some stretching. As the warmer weather approaches eat your lunch at your desk and take the last 15 minutes for a little walk around the block. This will energize you and help you to digest better!

Written by Kelly DiBenedetto, LMHC, ATR
Boston Post Adoption Resources

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