Back to Basics: A Toolkit of Resources During COVID-19 Self-Isolation

We can learn a lot from kids. One teen told me, “I brush my teeth” when I asked how he was dealing with the upheaval in his life. Sometimes our clients teach us, I thought as I reached for my toothbrush. Setting regular routines is important. Now more than ever, it is important to take care of ourselves, so we can help take care of others.

Many of us are home, and we are all isolating due to COVID-19. Whether we are therapists, parents at home with our children, or healthcare workers, we can all use this time of self-isolation as an opportunity for a “retreat” to reflect on our own needs so that we are, in turn, able to take care of others. This retreat re-frame helps us view this unexpected situation as an opportunity for personal growth.

We at Boston Post Adoption Resources know that this is a time of high stress and anxiety for all.   Specifically, we know that many BPAR clients are experiencing racism and xenophobia, as well as dealing with the stress of social isolation and anxiety related to the coronavirus. We wanted to create a comprehensive list of offered supports below.  Additionally, we are going to be offering live groups to help people feel connected during this period of social distancing. Please check our Groups page where we will be posting more information or join the BPAR mailing list to be notified by email.

These COVID-19 mental health resources are the ones our clinicians have found the most helpful for ourselves and our clients in the past few weeks:

Resources/Articles to Manage Coronavirus Anxiety and Stress

Resources for Those Experiencing Racism and/or Xenophobia

Online Support Communities

Resources for Parents and/or Those Working with Children

ADHD Resources


Happiness Course

Exercise and Yoga

  • Down Dog (phone app) is offering free access to all of their apps for yoga, fitness classes, etc. through May 1

Written by KC Craig
Boston Post Adoption Resources

About KC Craig, LICSW

KC Craig, LICSW, is a clinician at Boston Post Adoption Resources. To read her bio, please visit BPAR's Team page.