Holiday Family Traditions

Family traditionsThe holidays are a special time of year filled with parties, pageants, fun, family and friends. With everyone’s schedules jam packed with things to do, this time of year can also feel overwhelming. Despite all the joy that the holidays can bring it can also be a difficult time as we remember the ones we have lost, financial stressors, and/or challenging family dynamics. Some adoptive parents find that their child may be particularly sensitive around this time of year. Just as the holidays have the ability to provide joy and excitement, they can also trigger loss, memories, and thoughts of birth family members. As a parent, it’s important to normalize these feelings and help your child to cope. One powerful way to help is by creating a family tradition.

Family traditions can provide a sense of belonging, security and togetherness. They help remind each family member that they are loved and valued. The time spent together during these traditions helps to build stronger bonds and relationships and creates warm memories for the future. They help kids and adults have something to look forward to. They even give children a better and happier childhood. Studies show that children who experience even the simple tradition of eating together as a family are less likely to smoke, drink, use substances and engage in other damaging behaviors*.

Family traditions can be big or small. They don’t have to cost money! You could take a walk to look at Christmas lights, have a family game night, have a dance party, grocery shop and make dinner together, create an advent calendar, or bake something special together! The goal is to spend quality time together to build those connections.

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Written by Kelly DiBenedetto, LMHC
Boston Post Adoption Resources

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