Adoptee Voices Heard at “Voices Unheard!”

Lisa Coppola & Jennifer Eckert at Voices Unheard

BPAR’s first Voices Unheard event for sharing adult adoptee voices took place on November 12, 2019. The event, which helped raise awareness of post adoption thoughts and emotions, gave deeper understanding and insight to the friends and families of those who are adopted or who had grown up or spent parts of their lives in foster care.

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National Adoption Awareness Month

Adoption is a lifelong journey and we are on our own individual path. In honor of National Adoption Awareness Month, our founder tells her own post adoption story and encourages other adult adoptees to say: “This is really hard but I want to come through this. I want to make sense of this journey and I want to heal from its impact. I want to live in a better way. I want to move forward.”

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Puzzle Pieces: Identity and My Birth Mother Search

As adoptees try to piece together the puzzle of their identities, they begin to ask questions. Why did my birth mother give me up? Does she ever think about me? Does my birthday carry any significance to her? Our guest writer shares her international journey to answer these questions and precious moments of reunion between her adoptive family and birth family.

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