Adoption Is a Lifelong Journey – Our Book

Adoption Is a Lifelong Journey - our book

BPAR is proud to introduce our very own book!

Adoption Is a Lifelong Journey

A tool for families touched by adoption and foster care

Written by Kelly DiBenedetto, Katie Gorczyca, and Jennifer Eckert
Illustrated by Kelly DiBenedetto

—Illustrated portion in the voice of an adoptee
—Explanations and resources for parents and caregivers

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All proceeds support BPAR’s mission!
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Charlie in Adoption Is a Lifelong Journey

Meet Charlie!

May we introduce you to Charlie? He’s the narrator of our new illustrated book, Adoption Is a Lifelong Journey. Charlie’s pretty special because he happens to be an adoptee, a child who opens his heart and shares what’s on his mind through various phases as he grows up in his adoptive home.

We’ve never seen a book like this, though we’ve often wished for a tool just like it.   Adopted or foster kids don’t often get center stage, nor do they usually know how to articulate their feelings when given a chance. Sometimes feelings translate into behaviors that leave parents or caregivers feeling perplexed, lost, and alone.

Charlie’s voice brings to light common themes we often encounter in our post-adoption therapeutic practice at BPAR.  We envision families using this book to open a dialogue, to be comfortable talking about the issues surrounding adoption or foster care.  We’d love for it to be a tool used by adoption and foster care agencies, social workers, pediatricians, school nurses, and other child or family specialists.

Many books give hard and fast answers to parents about “what to do” and “what not to do.”  So many times the answer isn’t black and white.  There is a lot of gray.  We link the illustrated portion of Adoption Is a Lifelong Journey to a section called “Putting the Pieces Together,” with suggestions and recommendations to provide encouragement:  things to think about, tips for conversations, family activities, and additional resources.

There is no right or wrong way to raise kids, and no two experiences are the same.  With Charlie’s help, we hope our book builds family connections in an effective, healing way, no matter what course the adoption journey might take.

Boston Post Adoption Resources (BPAR), a 501(c)(3) organization, devotes all proceeds from Adoption Is a Lifelong Journey to our mission to support and provide resources to anyone touched by adoption.