Video Channels and Videos About Adoption

In this growing section, BPAR shares adoption-related video channels, including our own YouTube and Vimeo channels, plus links to individual videos we've noticed that touch on adoption, foster care, or the experiences of the adoption triad:  the adoptee, adoptive parents, or birth parents.

We'd also like to highlight a very special video produced by BPAR team member Maya Rogers-Bursen, an adult adoptee who was adopted from India at 6 months old. After viewing the movie Lion, Maya found "the feelings were stronger than any words I could come up with. I decided to explore these feelings the best way I know how: through the art-making process." Watch her video to see expressive art therapy in action, and read Maya's Lion blog to learn more about Maya's thoughts.

[cvm_video id="2635"]

Video Channels and Video Links

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