Movie Review: October Baby

October BabyPut yourself in these shoes: I am a woman whose family adopted me as an infant. I am an only child and my parents have worked hard to provide for me and send me to college to pursue theater acting.

Would you be happy? Hannah was.

October Baby, directed by Andrew and Jon Erwin is a Drama that follows an adoptee named Hannah through the search for her birth family only after finding out she was adopted once medical records were revealed. There is one thing that comes with searching: the unknown, the discovery and the many questions adoptee’s have for their birth family. What is the worst possible thing that could happen? And how do you overcome any pain along the way?

Hannah’s life was a lie; the perfect life she lived turned upside down in seconds when her father told the truth about her background. This tearjerker focused on the struggle Hannah experienced, and the connections she made along the way. Who can you trust when you feel surrounded by family betrayal? The answer lies within a deeper question: Who has your back no matter the circumstances?

This film answers those questions for Hannah as she ventures off to find who she is. Mistakes, laughter, tears and love find a place in Hannah’s story to start the rest of her life.

Written by Maya Rogers-Bursen
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