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Please use this form to reach BPAR if you are interested in our clinical services (individual, family, couples, or group therapy) or are looking for post adoption resources beyond those that we share on our website.

As part of our nonprofit mission, we respond to every inquiry. The information you provide below will prepare us to respond to your specific needs.

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*Unfortunately our waiting list for individual, family and couples therapy is closed, and we are not adding to it at this time. However, if you would like an initial consultation we are happy to speak with you to provide resources. We also have several support groups that remain open.

Due to licensing regulations, our clinicians can only provide therapy for people who live in Massachusetts. (Workshops are non-therapeutic and are open to anyone in the U.S.) If you do not live in Masschusetts and would still like to speak with us about other post adoption resources that might be helpful, we are still happy to connect with you as part of our nonprofit mission.

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We will need this information if you are seeking therapy to support a child adoptee. This includes therapy for the child, therapy for the parents or family, and any therapeutic groups for children or parents.

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