Search Support

Search Support for Yourself

Are you thinking about searching or already actively searching for your birth family?

The team at BPAR wants to support you along the way. The search process can be overwhelming, consuming, and challenging at times. It can become an all-consuming task that puts stress on your daily life — your relationships, your job, your identity, your emotions — and we want to help you learn how to manage that stress.

What we do to help:

  • Provide a holding space where we help you explore what is coming up for you in your search
  • Work with you to develop skills to manage these emotions
  • Assist you in building your support system at home and in the community
  • Work with you to balance work, life, relationships and searching

Search Support for Your Child

Has your child or teen expressed interest in searching for his or her birth family?

We understand that this can be a complicated issue for both the parent and child. Feelings of guilt and shame for wanting to search for birth parents are very common. We have the resources to work with both you and your teen to help navigate your search in safe and healthy way.

What we do to help:

  • Work with the adoptive parents and child to figure out how to make room for the birth family
  • Help your child or teen explore their feelings and expectations around searching
  • Work with parents and teens to explore boundaries and safety
  • Provide education and support about communication and searching on social media
  • Assist the adoptive parent and child with communicating their fears, hopes and expectations about search and reunion

Search Support for Birth Parents

Are you a birth parent who is searching for a child that you placed?

This can be a sensitive and difficult process. We will guide you through the search with support and care and will help you cope with any challenges that may arise. Our goal is to help you heal and potentially create and foster relationships.