A Statement About Speaking at the Voices Unheard Event

Voices Unheard Forum for Adult Adoptees

As we've asked you to bring your intensely personal experiences forward, we also hope that you'll be mindful that there are moments when what you're offering will be difficult for attendees (or other presenters) to receive. Sometimes this is because the content is emotionally challenging because it is offering an opportunity to hear a hard truth or consider a differing perspective. Sometimes it is challenging because, although unintentional, artistic expression can inflict hurt or harm.  In service to avoiding the latter, as presenters, we ask you to continually ask yourself questions and be curious about the world and the people around you. By this, we mean please be conscious of issues related to your language as it may need updating or reconsideration to avoid causing harm to others.

Thank you.

LC Coppola and the BPAR Team

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