A New Family Tradition: The Blue Plate Special

blue plate special tradition

In my work with families I am always trying to think of ways to build connections, help family members appreciate each other and help them find small ways to spend quality time together. Life can get so busy with school, music lessons, swim lessons, therapy appointments, homework, etc. It can be very challenging to find a time to eat dinner let alone sit down together and connect!

I first heard of the Blue Plate Special at a wedding shower for my good friend Kristina. I have since adopted the idea for all wedding showers I attend! So what is the Blue Plate Special and how could it help my family? You purchase a place setting (plate, napkin, placement) in the color of your choice – in this case it’s blue! It doesn’t have to be expensive but there should be something special that differentiates it from your usual dishes. This place setting is then used to celebrate one person in the family for any special occasion! Learning how to ride a bike, studying extra hard for a test, getting a raise at work, managing conflict or an emotional moment in a healthy way or if someone had a hard day and is in need of special attention – the possibilities are endless! The celebrated individual gets to use the place setting in recognition of their accomplishment.

There are several ways of determining who receives the special plate setting. You could choose as a family or you could alternate the family member in charge. You have the opportunity to be as structured or flexible with the idea as your family needs. It’s a great way for family members to really recognize and appreciate each other and all of the small moments in life. To get the poem and see the original source for the Blue Plate Special click below:



Written by Kelly DiBenedetto, LMHC
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