Assisted Visits at BPAR

Does your family have visitation with birth family members?

At Boston Post Adoption Resources, we offer assistance and provide space for assisted visits. We work hard to make sure that every person in the process is supported so that the visits go as smoothly as possible. You may feel a lot of pressure and have questions. We will help to slow that process down so that it is manageable and safe for everyone involved. We will take it one step at a time to make sure everyone is comfortable. The assisted visits are held at our BPAR office in a quiet, calm, safe environment. We provide structure and support throughout the visit and help guide the visit as necessary.

What we do:

  • Handle the logistics – where, when, and how
  • Make sure each member participating in the visit is emotionally supported
  • Prepare all parties involved so there are no surprises and everyone feels safe
  • Provide support before the visit by exploring fears and expectations
  • After the visit, continue to provide emotional support to all parties involved and help you to process the reunion