Adoption is a lifelong journey.

Adoption-related challenges confront us at different times during our lives. We are here to help guide you during these times. Call us today to set up your free consultation to see how we may fit your needs.

Adoption Is a Lifelong Journey

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Individual Therapy

We create a comfortable and safe space for one-on-one therapy.

Family Therapy

We bring families together to work on the challenges they face to facilitate change, growth, and understanding for all members.

Peer Groups

We have groups of all ages. They offer support and unity in an accepting environment.


Check out our blog for adoption-related book and movie reviews, answers to commonly asked questions, and tips for dealing with some of adoption's toughest issues.

  • Why Saying Goodbye Is Hard for the Adopted

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    Saying goodbye can be difficult for all of us. The thought of not seeing someone we care about can be painful as well as distressing.
    When I think about this topic, I immediately think about toddlers being dropped off […]

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  • The Importance of Self Care for Parents

    “When you’re good to yourself, you’re good to me. So now and then, have a day away. Buy a gift for yourself, I’ll share it too, for your feelings flow out to me.” -Ruth Reardon, Listening To The Littlest

    Summer is […]

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  • An Artistic Response to Lion

    I am an adult adoptee, adopted from India at 6 months old. On February 20th I saw the new movie, Lion, in theaters. I was drawn to the movie because of my personal experience, but was unaware of the impact […]

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  • Book Review: Courage to Soar by Simone Biles

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    At BPAR, we like to blog and share about literature and books we find helpful in educating about the adoptee experience.  I recently read Courage to Soar by Simone Biles and wanted to highlight this read for others […]

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  • School’s Out!

    It is the time of year everyone has been waiting for! A time for a break in routine, a time for unstructured days and sleeping a little later. While all of this time-out is very healthy for children and families, […]

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Here's what our clients say:

"BPAR specializes in adoption issues, and their therapists truly understand how to help me connect with my daughter.”

Ericka, adoptive parent

“I think it’s about the really thoughtful approach that you take. Steadfast, honest, clear-sighted, intentional, thoughtful advice helps my own development.”

Dan, foster parent

“I need help understanding that part of me so I can get over that hump in life. You guys opened a path for me. So now I’m just walking down it.”

An adult transracial adoptee