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...are here year-round to support all those touched by adoption wherever they are on their journey.

Adoption Is a Lifelong Journey

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Individual Therapy

We create a comfortable and safe space for one-on-one therapy.

Family Therapy

We bring families together to work on the challenges they face to facilitate change, growth, and understanding for all members.

Peer Groups

We have groups of all ages. They offer support and unity in an accepting environment.


Check out our blog for adoption-related book and movie reviews, answers to commonly asked questions, and tips for dealing with some of adoption's toughest issues.

  • Book Review – Before We Were Yours

    “Before We Were Yours,” by former journalist Lisa Wingate, is a novel that is based on real life events that occurred in Memphis, Tennessee. This is an adult book with themes of abuse and violence. There may be some spoilers […]

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  • South Korean Birth Mothers — Their Invisible Heartache

    Michelle (Seungmi) Lee, an international student originally from Seoul, South Korea, shares her insights into the cultural norms that shape the lives of South Korean birth mothers. Currently an intern at Boston Post Adoption Resources (BPAR), Michelle is pursuing a Master’s […]

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  • Book Review – Far From the Tree by Robin Benway

    Far From the Tree by Robin Benway is the winner of the 2017 National Book Award for Young People’s Literature. Grace, Joaquin and Maya, the three main characters in Far from the Tree are biological half siblings.
    Although they share the […]

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  • Unmasking Myself:  A 23andMe Journey  

    I was born twice: once, on April 19, 1984 to a 15-year-old Colombian girl somewhere on the outskirts of Bogota, and then again 20 months later, in the International Arrivals terminal of a snow-capped Laguardia Airport, touching down between Riker’s […]

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  • 5 Tips to Combat the “Winter Blues”

    Many of our BPAR clients, friends, families and colleagues are battling what we call the “Winter Blues.” The Winter Blues are characterized by less energy, more fatigue despite sleeping, feeling down or “blue,” having trouble getting up in the mornings, […]

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"BPAR specializes in adoption issues, and their therapists truly understand how to help me connect with my daughter.”

Ericka, adoptive parent

“I think it’s about the really thoughtful approach that you take. Steadfast, honest, clear-sighted, intentional, thoughtful advice helps my own development.”

Dan, foster parent

“I need help understanding that part of me so I can get over that hump in life. You guys opened a path for me. So now I’m just walking down it.”

An adult transracial adoptee