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...are here year-round to support all those touched by adoption wherever they are on their journey.

Adoption Is a Lifelong Journey

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Individual Therapy

We create a comfortable and safe space for one-on-one therapy.

Family Therapy

We bring families together to work on the challenges they face to facilitate change, growth, and understanding for all members.

Peer Groups

We have groups of all ages. They offer support and unity in an accepting environment.


Check out our blog for adoption-related book and movie reviews, answers to commonly asked questions, and tips for dealing with some of adoption's toughest issues.

  • The Gift of Forgiveness

    The most valuable gift you can give to yourself this holiday season is the gift of forgiveness.
    Why Forgiveness?
    Many of us carry unresolved issues from the past. It might feel like carrying a heavy ball and chain. It can be anger […]

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  • In Gratitude


    I don’t have to, I get to: A simple phrase that makes a big difference. When we can shift our perspective, we can shift our lives. We get to see, feel and experience things differently in everyday life.  We can […]

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  • Lisa Gives Thanks

    We are so fortunate to have guest blogger Lisa Greggo back with her poignant words about her experience with adoption and what she is grateful for.  Lisa Greggo’s work has appeared in The Boston Globe, Let the Bucket Down, and […]

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  • How Ann Defines Family as an Adult Adoptee

    The Rev. Ann Gibert is the Pastor of the United Church of Christ, Federated, in Webster, Mass. She and her husband now live in Newton. In her spare time she loves to read, cook and knit, and she has recently begun […]

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  • Lauren’s Story: How Meeting My Birth Brothers Changed My World

    Lauren is a hair stylist in Massachusetts.  Recently, she was reunited with two birth brothers, and she has shared her heartwarming story with BPAR.

    An Adoption Story
    by Lauren

    The day I met my birth brothers my whole world made sense. A hole […]

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"BPAR specializes in adoption issues, and their therapists truly understand how to help me connect with my daughter.”

Ericka, adoptive parent

“I think it’s about the really thoughtful approach that you take. Steadfast, honest, clear-sighted, intentional, thoughtful advice helps my own development.”

Dan, foster parent

“I need help understanding that part of me so I can get over that hump in life. You guys opened a path for me. So now I’m just walking down it.”

An adult transracial adoptee